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Case Studies


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Case Studies

Our demolition and removal projects

The project was to carry out an asbestos R & D survey of the fire damaged unit and carry out removals together with environmental clean-up.

Burton Farm

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Asbestos removal of garage roof together with demolition and concrete slab removal

Asbestos Removal and Garage Demolition

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The project was to demolish the farm house disconnect services and landscape.

Oakley Farm House

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Person in a protective asbestos suit next to an abandoned barn next to a digger

The Rex Bishop and Son team recently underwent the process of removing the roofing and its containing asbestos from a barn at Bagendon Manor.

Bagendon Manor

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Calton primary school building from the front with a black car & a Rex Bishop van

We have recently been working with Gloucester County Council. We have removed asbestos from contaminated floor ducts and have been carrying this out at Calton…

Calton Primary School

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Inside of a building with asbestos residue on the walls

We have been working with P&R Heating recently after they contacted us to remove asbestos residue that had been encapsulated by Idenden ET 150 paint.

Asbestos Residue Removal

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Rex Bishop & Son van outside a garage having asbestos removed

Asbestos Garage Ceiling Removed From Residential Property

Asbestos Garage Ceiling Removal

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Asbestos removal tent with warning signs outside of the side of a building

Remove asbestos insulation board ceiling to loading bay.

Goodridge Business Park

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Outside of a building

Asbestos removal in loft void.

Ripple Hall

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machinery to remove asbestos from a roof

Scaffold the roof areas and remove asbestos roof replacing it with a new composite roof panel.

Hanman Split

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