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  • Asbestos Specialists

    Asbestos Specialists

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Asbestos Removal

Rex Bishop & Son Ltd welcome any enquiries with regard to any concerns you may have regarding asbestos. Our professionally trained staff will be happy to offer you free guidance on the course of action required in relation to your specific request. Therefore please don’t hesitate to call us.
Our services include:

  • Management Survey and Refurbishment and Demolition Survey
  • Independent bulk fibre analysis
  • Asbestos management and removal specialist
  • Disposal of asbestos materials
  • Registered waste carrier licence no: CBDU186556
  • Commercial & domestic properties


  • B.O.H.S qualified asbestos surveyors
  • Asbestos removal supervisors/operatives qualified to ACOP – HSG247
  • HSE asbestos licence no: 141705682
  • ACAD membership no: A000386

We offer a professional collection service all in accordance with the hazardous waste regulations from our qualified staff. This can be any size from a small roofing sheet to a large amount of waste bags collected in our specially adapted well-maintained sealed asbestos containers and vans and have access to extensive asbestos transfer and disposal facilities across the UK.

Our experience and extensive knowledge of asbestos removal enables us to offer a rapid and effective response should previously hidden asbestos containing materials (ACMs) or other hazardous or regulated materials become evident in the course of a project.

We provide complete end-to-end asbestos management solutions including asbestos removal and remediation services on large and small-scale works.

Our knowledge and track record enable us to deal with all manner of asbestos removal and disposal safely and efficiently. All asbestos removal is undertaken in accordance with developed document and training systems which meet the requirements of managing and working with asbestos, the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (second edition 2013), supporting Approved Codes of Practice and company Asbestos management policy. Well proven asbestos management contracts carried out are not only audited internally but are audited once a year by ACAD as part of our continuing membership & on-going excellence. We invest heavily in training to guarantee that the most current and effective safety measures and procedures are employed.